Tuesday, April 17, 2007

MyTicket Tracker Dissaster

I wanted to buy tickets for a Christmas gift for show " Love-Beatles Cirque Du Soleil" in Las Vegas; which was sold out. I was referred to Coast to Coast Tickets. com who in turn sent my request to My Ticket Tracker. They sent me e-mail confirming that they had 2 seats available for April 14, 7PM show.
When tickets didn't show up and I called they said they don't ship tickets via mail anymore because it is like sending cash, but not to worry because they would be a will call desk.

Week before leaving for Las Vegas I wanted to have some sort of confirmation # to present to will call desk.
First, every time I called they said they could not find us on their system and they would research and call me back.

That happend 5 times. I spoke to Julie the night before we left who assured me that the tickets and seats were available for us. When we got there, box office looked at us like we were from Mars. No such thing exists! When we tried to reach My Ticket Tracker at 702-822-6262, Bobby said Julie wasn't in that day and as far as she could tell, no tickets were ever sold to us.

I have tried to call My Ticket Tracker since getting home and there is no answer. I sent an e-mail to coast to coast tickets.com and have not heard from them either.

These folks are located in Las Vegas. My only concern is they now have my credit card # and who knows when their shopping spree will begin.

This is a total sham and am looking for some folks in charge of these businesses and some attorney willing to go after them to pay for the hotel and air fare that was wasted on this weekend.